A COVID-19 green pass will be required for in-house guests visiting our indoor SPA, Fitness Club from August 6th, 2021. It will provide proof that the holder has either received at least one dose of the vaccine, has recovered from the virus or tested negative in the previous 48 hours. The green pass must be shown at the SPA and Fitness Reception and any guest devoid of it cannot access the hotel, and in any case committed to pay for the whole services booked, purchased or guaranteed. In line of the above government restrictions, we advise all guests to provide for an individual green pass with adequate advance notice, and show it to our staff for an electronic scan. Thank you for your kind cooperation and understanding.


Defined a miracle of time for her harmony between history and modernity, Matera is the town of “Sassi”, an urban agglomeration among the oldest in the world, formed by natural caves carved into the rock, close to Gravina Canyon, that separates the Sassi district from the Park of Murgia Materana, characterized from the caves of the first human settlements and suggestive rock churches.
Matera in 1993 was nominated World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Over the years the city has become more and more natural set of colossal movie.

Today Matera also boasts the title of European Capital of Culture for the 2019.